whats in my carry on

I’m such a nosy person and I love knowing everyone’s business. I’m sure there’s so many of you that are just as nosy as me, so I decided to share what’s in my travel bag. I think it’s so interesting to see what people travel with. I’m going to be traveling a lot this month so you’ll be seeing this bag a lot, so I thought I’d might as well share whats in it.


Omg, I’m obsessed with this bag. I used to wonder why everyone had it and now I totally get it. I’m not one to follow the trends but this bag is a MUST. It’s amazing for traveling and I know it would be the perfect diaper bag as well. I have so many things in this bag including a pillow and there’s still room left. It also comes in many different colors and prints. I went with the dark brown and baby pink inside.


I don’t even need to explain this one. Everyone has them and yes they’re worth the hype.

Tip: download movies in the Netflix app to watch while you’re on the plane.


I’m going on a beach vacation pretty soon and have been bloated. These vitamins are so amazing and I trust the brand so much. They also do wonders to help reduce bloating.


I pack my computer in my tote so it doesn’t get damaged in my suitcase. Also, I keep it in my tote in case my luggage ever gets lost.


I keep my laptop and phone chargers in my carry on just in case I need them and also so they don’t get lost in my luggage. I’m addicted to my phone so a charger is necessary at all times.

Neck Pillow

Just to be comfy on the plane lol.

Little Items:


Hand sanitizer

Wet wipes to wipe my seat down (I’m a freak about being extremely sanitary on a plane)



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