Skin Care Routine

I decided to share my skin routine because summer is approaching and everyone wants more gorgeous looking skin. I take skin care VERY serious and try out tons of products. My skin care changes about every 6 months. But, I’m going to share what has worked for me.

If I have any makeup on, I use a makeup wipe to remove it. This one, in particular, has always worked for me and it’s the only thing that always remains the same in my skin care. Next, if I take a bath/shower I use one of 3 face washes. Just depends on what my face is needing that day. This one makes my face tingle and it’s my favorite this is perfect if you’re getting a breakout. This one is super gentle on my skin and just brightens it, I typically use this one if my skin is breakout free. Lastly, this one is the best exfoliator.

Next, I use a mask. This mask seriously never fails me! Origins face masks are the bomb. They have everything you need. If I have a breakout it gets rid of it overnight. Paired with the gel on top of my acne.

Lastly… moisturizer. This one is my favorite. It smells so good and doesn’t give you a sticky or heavy feeling. It’s like it disappears into your skin.

All of these products I use and highly recommend. Hopefully, they work for you too!

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