Self Tanner

Fall is here which means bring on the self-tanner! I’ve been using self-tanners religiously since I was a freshman in high school. There have been so many fails and horrible tans and I’ve finally found my go-to’s in all price ranges!


You can find this tanner at any drug store or grocery store. This gives an amazing tan for the price. I use the shade dark so I get the darkest tan possible. It gives you a beautiful orange (a good orange) tan. When I use this I apply it with my hands and then wash my hands after application. It doesn’t give you streaks. The only con is that it is sticky, but nothing too horrible.


This one is my favorite because it gives you a reddish tan, I use the shade “darker”. It applies as a spray and it also comes with an application glove. This doesn’t make you sticky at all and it smells like coconuts. This is the one I recommend to everyone because it isn’t super expensive and it lasts you a long time.

More Expensive

This is the tan you see all over social media. I love this tan so much! The color guard is amazing because you can see exactly where you’re applying it. It gives you a beautiful olive tan, which is already my natural tan so it enhances my natural tan. I like to save this tan for special occasions since it is a little more pricey.


Hope this helped anyone looking for a good tanner. Subscribe to my newsletter and leave a comment if you have any questions 🙂


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