Today we celebrate those special people who make the world we live in such a better place. I’ve been following this account on Instagram @savedownsyndrome and they just have the best posts. Their goal is to END genocide, discrimination, and mistreatment of people with down syndrome. It breaks my heart that people do these things to others. This is not a pro-choice or pro-life organization, their only goal is to save down syndrome. These people are business owners, moms, dads, friends, sons, daughters, singers, athletes, dancers, and the list goes on. The fact that someone would want to end the life of someone who has an extra chromosome is beyond me. “After the prenatal diagnosis of down syndrome 91% of affected pregnancies are terminated and 9% are continued”. Down syndrome is NOT a disability, it is a gift. After New York passed the abortion law, it has been heavy on my heart that people need to talk more about this. DOWN SYNDROME IS NOT A REASON TO ABORT YOUR BABY. On the bright side, Utah committee passed a law on February 8th, that bans abortions on babies with down syndrome. There are millions of stories that share the many defeats and victories when it comes to the treatment of those with down syndrome. But, today I encourage you to just think of those who you’ve met with a disability, and then imagine never knowing them. Sad as it is, that’s exactly what’s happening to our society. Everyone wants to be so accepting of all races, genders, and sexualities, but can’t accept someone with a disability, uses their disability as a reason to say they shouldn’t even be alive?? It’s absolutely disgusting. You may say “well I want my child to have opportunity and be “normal”, then I encourage you to follow this account, read the countless amounts of success stories about those living with down syndrome. Thank you to those who support this movement and fight for what is right. Most importantly thank you to those living with down syndrome, you make this world a better place, continue to shine your light on our dark world.

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