Ring Day Dress

Howdy friends. I got my aggie ring this week and I’m so excited. I wanted to share my outfit with y’all because I was obsessed with it and felt so comfortable in it.

There is a whole saga when it comes to this damn dress. So I got it in the mail a few days before I was going to wear it but I didn’t have time to get it tailored… (short girls probs) It was WAY too long on me. So of course I decided at 11pm the night before I was needing to wear it that I should just cut it. I had done that to my other clothes and thought nothing was going to go wrong. Well…. I cut it WAY too short. Like to my butt short. If I walked you could see everything.

I paniked and took it to my parents and was thinking worst case I could run it to the tailor across the street, offer to her $100 to sew the strip of fabric I had cut off, back on. It was going to look like shit but I didn’t care, I wanted to wear the dress. My dad then decided to drive to Walmart and buy a sewing machine to see if he could fix it… long story short he made it way better than it was before and fixed it… and it didn’t look like shit. Plus its one of a kind. HA

The Wrangler dress (On Sale)

Boots (I own 2 colors in these boots, sized up .5)

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