One Brand Skin Care

A lot of people only like to stick with just one brand of skin care. It makes things super simple and easy. I want to appeal to everyone reading my blog so with that being said I tried out Arbonne products. I used their skin regimen specifically made for teens. I was given this product to try by a friend of my Moms who works for Arbonne.

At first, I was like whatever… whats the hype about? I hear about this brand all over social media about it being so good.  After using it for a while I seriously loved it. It gets my skin looking so nice and it’s so easy! I honestly can’t say enough good things about these products. I will be trying more of their products in the future.

I got the Advanced Prep-work set. It comes with all 4 products in it. The ingredients in these products are the bomb. After looking at the ingredients in some of my other skincare I was shocked to find that a lot of that stuff is so harsh and filled with chemicals. Arbonne is known for having all natural ingredients. Nothing is harsh and has horrible chemicals in it. With that being said make sure you look at the ingredients before you purchase anything that goes on your skin.

Step one: Gel Eye Mask 

This stuff is crazy good. If you wake up and have any puffiness it immediately goes away with these things. You just place them under your eyes for 15 minutes and then miracles happen. My mom seriously loves them too. They also really help with dark circles. So when I wake up about 1-2 times a week I use these and it makes the world of a difference.

Step two: Cleanser 

I really love a good gentle cleanser. This just makes your face glowy and look nice. I’m not really picky on my face cleaners because they all get the job done but I do notice that my face looks polished after I use this in the bath either day or night.

Step three: Moisturizer

This is oddly enough my favorite part of my skincare routine. I use to NEVER use any type of lotion on my face… I guess I just liked having dry skin. But this past year I go crazy about always having a lotion on my face because I can’t stand feeling dry. I have really dry skin especially in the summer and this stuff is great to wear all the time. I even put it on as a primer before I do my makeup.  It keeps me moisturized all day with one application and it isn’t heavy on my skin either.

Step four: Sunscreen

I seriously can’t stress enough how important sunscreen is to wear on your face. I don’t put sunscreen on anywhere but my face because I don’t want to look old and wrinkly. I spend so much time laying out in the sun every day that I need a face sunscreen or I’m going to have the wrinkles of a 50-year-old at age 30. This one is great because it has a very light tent to it that makes you face almost blurry. It’s like a BB cream because there are no shades. Its one shade fits all.

This is an amazing skin care kit. If you don’t like these skin care items I bet you can find all sorts of good things on their website.


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