June Makeup Favorites

I did a poll on Instagram asking what y’all want to see more of… beauty or fashion. Beauty won, I wasn’t surprised. I’m going to be doing a makeup look soon so I wanted to show y’all the products I’ve been loving recently.

Before any makeup is on my face I ALWAYS apply a vitamin C oil and a facial sunscreen. Vitamin C oil helps with so many things, it helps with acne, dark spots, even skin tone, and aging. This oil is not heavy at all. It just absorbs into your skin its more like a serum. This oil and the sunscreen I use work very well together. I don’t like when things are heavy and feel like my skin cant breathe, these products are very light on the skin and work very well with/without makeup.

CC Cream

In the summer I don’t really feel like putting on a full coverage foundation. This stuff is seriously so good. When my skin is clear and I’m just needing a little bit of something to put on for an even skin tone, this is my go to. It smells so good, has light to medium coverage, and lasts all day… even in the Texas heat. If you’re going swimming or to the beach and need something light, you should seriously try this product out.


In my last makeup tutorial post, I raved about this the 24hr stay foundation. Which is still my favorite foundation if you’re looking for a matte finish. But, what I’m about to share is definitely worth the money. Lamer is an amazing skincare brand that is extremely expensive. They also make makeup products that are ridiculously good. This foundation has a satin finish and makes your face look like butter. But, if you aren’t willing to spend over 100$ on a foundation. I recommend the 24hr stay one I love.


Makeup Revolutions concealer is amazing. Its the only one I use. It’s actually a dupe for the shape tape and more than half the price. It covers up any pigmentation on your face and doesn’t crease.  This should be in everyone’s makeup bag.

Setting Powder

I’m not picky at all about my powder. But, I’ve still been loving the one I shared in my last beauty post. It has no flashback and lasts forever. I don’t bake with it but I see a lot of people that do. I just take a powder brush and dust my face with this and it keeps me matte throughout the day.


I’ve been using this product for 3 months and its freaking amazing. I was watching Madi Bernards makeup tutorial and she has this bronzer and it looked so good on her. I went to Ulta the next day and picked it up. This is the perfect shade for olive/tan skin tones. They also have many different shades. I can’t say enough good things about this product. My favorite way to apply it is with this blush brush because it makes a perfect contour brush. It reminds me of the Hola bronzer brush but like half the price. (shade saddle)


I use the same product as the last post but now I add a little bit in the inner corner of my eye. (shade rosegold)


Clear Gel 


These are the new mink versions of the ones I had in my last post. There are 20x better than the original ones and you can reuse them so many times. These look so natural on and don’t even need mascara if you’re going for the natural look.


This is the best and only eyeshadow pallet I use. This has every color you’ll ever need in your life. I never really wear eyeshadow unless it’s like a special occasion. The quality of this pallet speaks for itself.


I feel like I’ve tried every lip plumper there is at Sephora. But I recently came across one that actually works. Once you apply it you start to get a very tingly sensation in your lips and they may become a little pink but that’s normal. The tingly feeling will go away it just is kind of weird at first. I apply this product before I put on lip liner and lipstick. Once I’m ready to apply my lipstick I wipe off the lip plumper for a matte look. But, if I’m going for a glossy look ill put this product on top of my lipstick because it is a gloss.

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