Hair Extensions

Who doesn’t love thick hair?
I’ve had tape in extensions for about 5 months and I’m obsessed. Tape ins are the best option for your hair other than clip in hair extensions. I’ve tried clip ins but I never liked them because they felt so heavy in my hair and they were itchy.
Tape ins are safe and won’t damage your hair. I’ve tried 2 kinds of hair. The ones I got from my hair stylist were 400$… so I won’t recommend those because the ones I got from Amazon were 50$ and are just as good.
If you’re going for length I’d recommend getting more bundles of hair. I only use one bundle of hair which is 20 sandwich’s (top and bottom). I keep the same length of my hair but I just use these to add thickness.
You can do everything you want with this hair. It’s real hair so you can swim, wash it, blow dry, curl…. literally anything.
I do recommend getting them put in by a professional. That’s what I do. I buy the hair myself and my hairdresser puts them in for me.

Taking care of your extensions
Wash your hair normally with shampoo… the only thing you need to do differently is that when you put conditioner in. Don’t put it on the tape because it can make them slip. I personally don’t like conditioner. So after I get out of the shower from shampooing I use a leave-in conditioner that I only spray in at the ends of my hair. The general rule is to treat them just like you normally would treat your own hair just don’t put any oils directly on the tape. So stick to your usual hair routine.
The hair itself should last you up to 6 months. But every 6 weeks you should get them moved up because they slide down with time and hair growth. That’s pretty much everything you need to know about tape ins. If you have any questions feel free to email me at the “about” tab, scroll down to the bottom and you can contact me with questions or comments.

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