Graduation Day

   Ceremony Dress

This dress is very special to me! It’s the dress I wore graduation day. My mom and I spent all day at the Galleria looking for the perfect white dress, I knew I wanted a white dress, it seemed perfect for the occasion. After going into probably 10 stores, we decided we would try Francesca’s. This is either a hit or miss store for me. They ended up having so many white dresses. I picked out 6 to try on and my mom followed me into the store and picked out one. Turns out… mother does know best. After trying on 6 dresses and not really loving any, I tried on the dress my mom picked out and I absolutely loved it. It was the exact look I wanted. Turns out it was the last one in the store. Thanks, Mom!

This dress has a really nice material and isn’t too heavy. It has medium thickness, which is good with a white dress so it doesn’t show all of your flaws. It does fit true to size, I got a size small. I highly recommend this dress for any occasion. The ruffle detail of the back of the dress is stunning! It photographs so well too. It’s also under 50$!
I paired this dress with some Valentino dupes! LuLus had almost identical ones but unfortunately, they didn’t have my size. I got mine from forever 21. The studs on the shoes went well with my gold jewelry and neutral makeup.


Party Dress

After graduation, I had the best graduation party. My parents did an amazing job of surprising me with amazing decorations. There was a petting zoo, live band, and a mechanical bull! It was definitely one of my favorite nights ever and something I’ll never forget. Thanks, Mom & Dad!

Since my party was sort of a farm theme. I wanted my outfit to tie into it. I decided on gingham. It looked perfect with everything! The dress was so comfortable. It does run true to size, I got a size small. It is also very affordable. The ruffle detail is so adorable too! I also tied it together with some red espadrilles. These shoes were very comfortable and so gorgeous. They were super affordable so they really didn’t last a long time. One of my shoes broke while I was walking around the petting zoo, but we managed to fix it with some super glue. Here are some other shoes I own but in a different color that I would recommend because they have held up for me, and they’re also pretty adorable.

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