Dry Skin Savers

Happy 2019!

My skin has been through the wringer recently with being on Accutane. This medication has seriously sucked the life out of my skin but it has never looked better. If you’re considering taking it I would highly recommend it. I plan on doing a more in-depth Accutane blog post once I’ve finished. But here are the products that have been saving my skin recently, even if you’re not on Accutane and just have dry skin, these products are a must.

Facial Cleanser

This stuff is so gentle on the skin and I would recommend this to anyone with any skin types. I typically use this a night with a facial brush.

Facial Spray

This is a go-to in everyone’s toiletry bag. I use the cucumber one in the morning and the lavender at night. This isn’t necessary but I can tell it helps me wake up while adding some moisture.


I have SO MANY moisturizers! But if I had to chose it would be my Laneige one. This is so thick and creamy, it leaves your face feeling so hydrated throughout the day. If I need a little pick me up, I use this one. This one is more of a gel consistency, so if you don’t like thick moisturizers I’d recommend this one to you.

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