Amazon basics


Recently I’ve been all about basic clothing pieces. I love the look of a plain sweatshirt or top with some black shorts or leggings for class and just everyday wear. I’ve heard so many things about the brand “talentless” but their clothing is way too expensive. A sweatshirt is like 80$, which is insane. I’ve always loved the sweatshirts you get when you’re on vacation with the state’s name on it or like my college sweatshirts, sometimes I want them plain. So I found the best ones on amazon ranging from 6-11$. I’ve bought 4 already, along with the cutest shorts.

These sweatshirts run true to size, I like mine oversized so I get a Large.


These are such a trend right now, I personally have the shortest legs ever and can’t wear the true biker shorts. So I found these and they come in a bunch of different lengths. I’m 5’2 and I got the 4-inch shorts and they hit me at the right spot. There long enough where you can see I’m wearing shorts with an oversized top, but short enough where they are still cute and flattering. I ordered a size medium, so I would say they are true to size.

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