My name is Kaylee and I’m the author of “Blush and Birkins”. I’m 22 years old and will be graduating from Texas A&M University in December 2022. I plan on teaching elementary and hopefully take on blogging full time. I live with my long time boyfriend Ryan. We’ve been together for 6 years. On my blog and Instagram I share my travels, friends, family, and all of my favorite things. Oh btw, I am Christmas obsessed. So get excited for that content. I hope to be a resource for you 🙂
I’ve always had an interest in fashion and makeup and after following many influencers on social media I decided to make a hobby out of my interest. I’ll be sharing my favorite things on here and letting people in on my life. Thank you for stopping by!

What inspired the name of my blog

Since my blog is mostly about fashion and beauty related things, I decided to name it Blush and Birkins. Blush because it’s my favorite color.. and it’s also a makeup product. Birkin being my adorable Maltipoo dogs name.. you’ll see a lot of her. Birkin is also the name of a purse, so it’s kind of a play on words. 


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